How To Find Exciting Us History Topics For A Research Paper

If you have to write a research paper on the US history topic and you are given the opportunity to select a topic on your own, there are many places you can turn to find exciting ideas for your next paper.

Below you will find some great places to turn when searching for ideas:

  1. The first place you want to turn is of course the textbook associated with your class. This may not be the foundation for the exact topic you select but it can help provide you with the subject matter or the keywords necessary to locate a topic or idea in another location. You can look over the text you have for your particular class to review which time periods or locations were covered and from there you can narrow down ideas to those restrictions. The last thing you want is to search for an interesting topic on a generic Web search only to find that Marie Antoinette is not covered in your particular US history class for reasons which should be obvious.

  2. Once you have the time periods or the state based locations Covered in your text and your class you can start to review exciting ideas offered in video format.

  3. Consider looking at as they have many wonderful documentaries, as does PBS and frontline. All three of these organizations have very unique views of historical events with information, subject matter, evidence, and wonderfully exciting topics which are not typically available in standard public school history textbooks. It is for this particular reason that looking through the videos and the articles available on such sites will afford you the opportunity to refine the results based on the time periods or state-based locations your class covers, and from there search for something which is of interest to you.

  4. When you were looking on the history channel's website, for example, you can pick a time. Which is of personal interest to you such as World War II. From there you can search for content pertaining to key historical figures during that time period, key battles fought, science and technology used during that time period, the role played by women, different uniforms, different branches of the military, and much more. Upon locating an area of particular interest you can watch short videos, online documentaries, and review articles published by professional historians. This will offer a wonderful learning opportunity even if you do not and up picking one of the topics from this site or others like it.

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