Selection of Good Research Paper Topics on French Literature

French literature is an extremely large academic field. Within French literature, students can find novels, short stories and articles that span centuries. When it comes to writing a research paper on French literature, students should limit their focus to a single work or author. Afterward, the student needs to come up with an interesting idea about the piece. They may want to write about specific motifs, influences on the author, plot lines or themes. By choosing one of these individual topic areas, students can make sure that they have a unique topic that is easy to write about. To get some ideas, students can read through the following list of research paper topics on French literature.

Research Paper Topics

  1. The Lais by Marie de France
  2. How does Marie de France's work, the Lais, demonstrate what life was like for a French noblewoman in the medieval ages?

  3. Les Miserables
  4. What can be learned about French culture and history by reading or watching a production of Les Miserables?

  5. Romanticism in Charles Baudelaire's Poetry
  6. In what way did the romanticism of Charles Baudelaire differ from his contemporaries like Shelley and Keats?

  7. Nadia by Andre Breton
  8. What are some of the common themes and motifs included in Andre Breton's Nadia?

  9. Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett
  10. Known for literally being a play about nothing, Waiting for Godot won many awards when it first came out. What is some of the symbolism used in the play, and what are some of the hidden meanings of these symbols?

  11. Love in French Novels
  12. How does the demonstration of love change in French novels over the centuries? How do the various romantic relationships reflect changing gender values and culture norms in French society?

  13. Cyrano de Bergac
  14. What is the symbolism of the white plume in this play?

  15. Camus' The Outsider
  16. How does the narrator's perspective really define this 1942 work? What does it demonstrate about Camus' philosophies?

  17. Julia Kristeva
  18. How does the French author, Julia Kristeva, represent Islam and Islamic women in her writing?

  19. Naturalism
  20. How did the naturalist writers dominate the French literary world in the early twentieth century?

  21. Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust
  22. How did Proust's work demonstrate naturalist thinking?

  23. Dadaist Movement
  24. What was the Dadaist movement? How was it used by French authors like Benjamin Peret, Tristan Tzara and Andre Breton?

  25. Post-War France
  26. What role did existentialism dominate the French literary scene after World War II? Discuss key influences like Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus.

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