A List Of Marketing Research Paper Topics To Consider

With any research paper that you are going write you have to make sure that you pick a topic that you can find enough and the right research one. One mistake that students tend to do when they are picking a topic, they pick one that doesn’t have enough information or they choose one that has too much information, which can be okay if you narrow your focus on the topic.

When you are going to pick your topic for your marketing paper, make sure that it is one that you already know a little bit about the topic. You don’t want to go into your topic in the dark and then figure out later that it isn’t the topic for you and then you won’t have time to change it and you end up with a topic that your hate. Pick something interesting and something that you won’t get bored with half way through the research paper.

Marketing Research Paper Topics

  • Look at Bio Foods in Africa and examine their marketing plan and identify any issues with their marketing plan.
  • Blair Water Company is a company that provides water for developed countries. Look at this company and at their marketing strategy.
  • Emotional branding is what happens when a company uses emotion to sell their product. Give examples of a few companies that do this and how they do it.
  • International consumer branding for this topic you can look at how branding is done international and compare it to the United States.
  • How do you make and write up a marketing plan?
  • How has tobacco advertising changed over the years? Start at the beginning of tobacco advertising and track it back to what kind of advertising they do today.

If you don’t like any of these topics then you might want to consider picking a company and then examining their marketing plan and write your research paper on that. The good thing about going this way is that you can examine how their marketing plan has changed over the years and see how each one was successful or failed. And if you pick a company that isn’t very good at their marketing then you can examine how they could fix their marketing plan. Marketing is one of the only professions that you have to consider the past, present, and future to get ahead.