20 Intriguing Chemistry Research Paper Ideas for College Students

Just because you are in college as opposed to high school doesn't change the fact that you should still spend time talking with your teacher or professor about your choice of research paper topic. The old adage still proves true. If you like the topic or have a passion for it, if you have prior knowledge of the subject material or have a desire to study this topic in greater detail further down the track then it is most likely the ideal chemistry topic for your research paper.

Unfortunately the opposite is true. If you don't like the topic or have no interest in it then you are making a rod for your own back. By all means talk to your teacher. Remember that the aim here is to choose an intriguing chemistry research paper. Intriguing for whom? If it's intriguing to you then you're well on the way to getting excited and writing something terrific. If what you do write is intriguing then the person reading it is far more likely to be excited by it and to approve it.

Here is a collection of interesting and possibly intriguing chemistry research paper topics. Feel free to adapt any one of them to make it more personal to your situation.

  1. Is there a particular career you would like in the world of chemistry?
  2. Can chemistry and religion share anything in common?
  3. Is it possible to produce artificial ingredients which will replace eggs in cooking?
  4. What can we discover using chemistry as far as the effects of pesticides on our water supply?
  5. What are some examples of how chemistry can change the world?
  6. What do we know about the chemistry of growing old?
  7. Select one person who made a great contribution to the world of chemistry and describe their contribution.
  8. What can chemistry tell us about the impact of fluoride in drinking water?
  9. What do we know about the deficiencies of certain vitamins in our bodies?
  10. Does plastic packaging impact the food they wrap?
  11. What do we know about the chemicals involved in food allergies?
  12. How has acid rain affected vegetation today?
  13. Can we convert natural substances like yeast into biofuels?
  14. What can a chemist discover about the impact of soft drinks on human bone structure?
  15. Is it possible to use sugar as an operating substance in batteries?
  16. What is the chemistry involved in the various types of milk?
  17. What recent chemical discoveries had a major impact on the quality of life for humans today?
  18. Is it possible to have genuinely organic food without any form of pesticide?
  19. What role has chemistry played in the development of liquid bandages?
  20. What role has chemistry played in the development of material for dental fillings?

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