Great Topics for a Criminal Justice Research Paper

There is probably a PhD thesis for someone interested in studying the rise of television crime programs including elements of the criminal justice system and the increase in the number of students wanting to study law and the associated subjects at college and university. One could argue that the increasing popularity of forensic science in solving real-life crimes has inspired or encouraged many would-be lawyers.

This is both good and bad news for students studying and writing criminal justice research papers. There will certainly be plenty of competition from fellow students and that puts pressure on students to choose not only an excellent topic for the criminal justice research paper but one which has not been done to death by thousands of other students. How can you achieve that goal?

One of the interesting things about criminal justice research paper topics is that they are constantly appearing. With greater emphasis on the psychological interpretation of crime and the work of governments in developing legislation to deal with long-standing criminal behaviour as well as more recent events such as terrorism, the choice for the student is vast.

Here is the list of possible criminal justice research paper topics

  1. White collar crime and its growth compared to blue collar crime.
  2. Firearm laws and their effectiveness.
  3. The rise of violent video games and the rise of violent crime.
  4. Is there any link between the economic status of the person and the type of crime they commit?
  5. How has treatment of the victims of crime changed over the years?
  6. Has there been a rise in crimes committed by people suffering from a mental illness?
  7. What do we know about criminal behaviour and people appointed as religious leaders?
  8. Does a country's immigration policy impact criminal behaviour?
  9. What is the role of educators in the prevention of crime?
  10. If people are educated are they less likely to become a criminal?

Remember that your interest or passion for a particular topic will have a direct impact on the quality of your writing. Your research paper will look and read so much better if you are truly happy with your choice of criminal justice topic.

And finding an unusual angle as well as an unusual topic is a double-hander. It gives you two advantages on someone who chooses a well-known topic and takes a well-worn writing path. Think outside the square.

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