How To Write A Term Paper Title Page In The APA Style In 4 Simple Steps

Title pages, despite what you might think, can be quite tricky to get right, but, to the people who mark your term paper, they are obvious when they are wrong, and can cost you marks. Getting the style right and including the correct information can be a challenge. Below are four simple steps to getting it absolutely perfect.

  1. Work out what ‘APA’ is
  2. This is relatively easy. You need to type ‘APA’ into Google, perhaps also the key terms ‘term paper title page’, just to make sure that you’re looking at the right thing. From there, you can work out exactly what is expected of you. For instance, what you need to include if there are any particular fonts or font sizes that you need to write in etc.. This is definitely the first and most important step to getting things perfect.

  3. Collect other examples
  4. The best way to make sure that you have understood the above point correctly - what APA is and what you need to include in a title page in that style - you need to compare your findings with some real examples. In order to do this, you can search online - perhaps on Google or another search engine - for some samples. Collect a couple and compare them all. Some of them may be wrong, so beware!

  5. Write your own
  6. Before you can really check that everything is correct, you need to create your own title page for your term paper based on the research you have done and the samples you have collected. Use everything you have found so far as reference points and make sure you include everything that you know - or at least think - you need to include. The next step will be the last and the one that will make ensure that everything you’ve done is correct.

  7. Ask someone to check your work
  8. Finally, you need to find someone who understands the APA style and knows what it needs to include reading through your work and telling you whether anything is wrong or can be improved. The best people to ask are definitely your tutors and teachers: these people should be your first choice. However, sometimes they will be too busy just to check your title page. Either send that along with a larger sample of your writing or ask one of your friends who has already completed their work and, preferable, had it checked.

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