Developing a Strong Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

The best synonym for a thesis statement is the word “claim”. You aren’t simply stating a theory; you are claiming that your theory is fact and that it should be seriously considered by the person reading your research paper. In order to ensure your thesis statement delivers on every angle, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

The purpose of your thesis statement

Your thesis statement is one sentence that encompasses your main claim. As a whole, the thesis statement of your research paper should put forth a strong opinion that you aim to back up with your research.

A strong statement should always hold the following purposes:

Tied in with your topic

Your thesis statement must be closely related to your thesis topic. It should contain a general description of what your topic covers as a whole. To make sure this envelops your topic sufficiently, state it in context of your claim. In other words, don’t simply repeat the topic subject in a non-engaging way, but rather weave it in to your claim in a way that pronounces it effectively.

The reason for your claim within your statement

The main reason for your claim must be included in your research paper’s thesis statement. Leaving the reader without this information will make your claim sound arrogant and baseless. You must promise to deliver evidence that supports your claim, and you do this by adding a general foundation that you intend to build on. Without reason, your statement is not a real statement at all—it is simply a hypothesis.

A no fear approach in stating your opinion

Being bold is an important element to writing your thesis statement. A research paper is an attempt to prove a claim by using evidence, facts, and expert opinions. Therefore, if you are confident in your ability to prove your claim, then you should be bold in proclaiming it. State your opinion resolutely without any apology for doing so. Avoid words such as probably, maybe, should, could, might, and others that may betray the conviction of what you believe to be true.

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