10 Excellent Term Paper Ideas On Brave New World

A Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley, and published in 1932, is the futuristic story of a society in which all forms of history and art are outlawed, science is used to subjugate and control, and individuals are sacrificed for the state. As a classic example of dystopian literature, it has been both highly criticized and highly praised. In 1958, an essay by Huxley was published which was entitled, "Brave New World Revisited". Many who read the original work agreed with his position that he was right in his observations of a horrific future which would soon come to pass.

Writing term papers on this book cause great difficulty for many students., especially those who are not enamoured of the writing. It can also be hard to pick a topic on which to do your paper. With this in mind, here are ten excellent ideas for writing term papers on this historical piece of literature:

  1. The quality of their lives in criticized by Helmholtz, Bernard, and John, although the happiness of other World State members is obvious. What do they believe is wrong with the society? Discuss the use of soma and the relationship between happiness and truth.
  2. Discuss the relationships which exist between the political powers, religion, and science in the World State.
  3. What is the purpose of castes? How are they distinguished from one another? Are they a hypothetical consequence of such futuristic societies, or do they reflect contemporary society in any way?
  4. How is John conditioned? Is he really more free than any of the others who live in the World State?
  5. What arguments against freedom does Mustapha Mond make? Are they valid? Can there be a winner is the debate he had with John?
  6. How are people treated like commodities by the World State?
  7. Discuss parallels between this novel and The Tempest by Shakespeare.
  8. How and why are citizens infantilized by the World State? Was Bernard really not infantile enough?
  9. What is the relationship between males and females in the State? How do they interact together? Who holds the power seats in government, the workplace, and social situations?
  10. Did John have any other option besides his eventual suicide? Why did he not just relocate to another location in his search for solitude? What made him such a curiosity to other citizens of the World State?

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