Creating a Good Term Paper on Albert Einstein in 5 Simple Steps

Albert Einstein led an incredibly interesting life—with amazing inventions and scientific advancements. Without him, the world progression as we know it would be far different. His importance to world history makes him a popular topic of research—for this reason the topic can be overdone. No fear though, we know your Albert Einstein research paper will be the best yet! Here are five simple steps as to how you can go about creating a good term paper on the topic of Einstein.

  1. What about Albert?
  2. Obviously your paper will share the vital information and impactful life events of the man, but how will your paper be different? What picture do you intend to paint? What information will hook in your reader? Share something interesting in your term paper. Despite being a well-known topic, you can still share fresh information.

  3. Research
  4. Next, you will want to research. Your best place to research will be on campus and online. On campus you can visit the writing lab, tutoring zone, and library. These places can point you to unique information on the inventor. When using the Internet in your research be sure to only use scholarly and academic sources.

  5. Plan
  6. With your interesting research and unique stance, you are ready to plan. The plan for your term paper will be the outline. The outline will overview the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The introduction will introduce the topic and thesis statement—revealing the body paragraphs. Research will be included in these paragraphs of the body, and then all wrapped up in the conclusion. The outline keeps your writing organized and on track.

  7. Execute
  8. Once you have your outline you will execute, or write. Just begin writing whatever comes to mind. You will have multiple drafts before the final.

  9. Evaluate
  10. Speak of drafts, lastly, you will evaluate. By doing personal evaluation of your writing and also getting outside evaluation—you are honest with yourself about your performance as well as open to improvement.

By considering how you will present Albert Einstein in a unique way, finding strong sources, creating a good plan, and then executing and evaluating—you will create a good term paper on Albert. Although many of these steps are similar to that of any term paper, keep these in mind when presenting unique information on Einstein. The strong writing and organization will keep you afloat, and the unique idea will carry you through and beyond.

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