What Are the Main Parts of a Research Paper

The first thing you should learn if you want to create a truly good research paper is the list of parts that it must consist of. There are some very strict requirements that every academic writing project must meet, and a specific structure is one of them. You will need to discuss this issue with your professor, as the paragraphs depend on the type of the paper itself. In the vast majority of cases, a research paper must include the following parts:

  1. Abstract:

    This is a short summary that provides the readers with all the necessary information about the paper. It must be concise and to the point.

  2. Introduction:

    The purpose of an introduction is to catch the readers’ attentions. It must include a thesis statement and a short overview of the most important arguments you will use to prove your point. However, the information included in this section should be limited in order to keep the interest of the audience.

    A good introduction must include a “hook”. This can be an anecdote, an interesting historical fact, or a surprising piece of statistic.

  3. Method:

    This should be the easiest part for you to write because the method is a detailed description of the research process. You need to list the tools and materials you used, and explain the role and importance of each. Then, describe the process/experiment step-by-step. A person reading your paper should be able to repeat the experiment based on these instructions.

  4. Results:

    The things you include in this section of the paper depend on your thesis statement. The thesis states the purpose of the research. Therefore, the results must tell the reader whether this purpose was achieved. You may include graphs and tables if they illustrate the data you acquired better than mere words.

    Your experiments will definitely have more than one result. It’s imperative to link them together and stress the significance of the research as a whole.

  5. Discussion:

    In this paragraph, you will be able to talk about your achievements and things you discovered during the research. This section should be linked to the introduction and address every point raised there.

  6. Conclusion:

    This section must draw a definite line under your research. You should explain the significance of the paper for the field of study as a whole.

  7. References:

    This section is necessary for every paper. Its format will depend on the overall style of your essay. Be sure to include every credited source in the reference list. Otherwise, you will be accused of plagiarism.

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