I need a good sociology term paper topic for my project

You may already have an idea what you want to write about but are finding it difficult to define your focus or you need some inspiration.

A great starting point is to:

Whatever you decide to write about you must:

Some tutors will give a list of suggested topics, or you could talk to your friends and ask them for suggestions of issues that they feel are of sociological interest. Realistically, it’s not the actual topic you are being marked on (but it is important), but your handling of the topic. Extra points are always gained for good analysis of how you feel you could have improved your paper (critical evaluation).

Topic suggestions

  1. Abortion – Abortion research and discuss the topic of religionists insisting that the acts of abortion doctors is justified due to the Bible.
  2. A book review - A Child Called “It” research and examine the problem of child abuse in David Pelzer’s book.
  3. Aging - Aging research and discuss the life span of human development and the problems of Alzheimer’s diseases in the aging population.
  4. Bisexuality - What is bisexuality - up until recently this has been a difficult task as there is little or no research in this area.
  5. Products that are used with the purpose of gaining social status – explore why women feel that they have social status through the items they purchase.
  6. Dumpster Diving – why has this become a social issue – what has led to it popularity and why are so many people homeless.
  7. Funerals though the eyes of different religions – how have their practises come about?
  8. A comparison of the way that men and women communicate differently.
  9. Tattoos – how they originated and why they have become so popular today.
  10. Birth order – does it have an effect on intelligent and personality?
  11. Global intercultural communication – aspects of communication between different cultures in a global economy.
  12. Why women as regarded as the underclass in Asian society – make comparisons to western culture and history
  13. Children's rights – what is their legal entitlement and how has this changed in our society.
  14. Research into the difficulties experienced today by women who are not only looking after their children but are also caregivers to their parents.
  15. Explore (using statistics) the mental health issues caused by bullying.

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