15 Great Ideas For Government Research Paper Topics

If you choose to make government the topic of your research paper then the best way would be to know your area. Government is wide topic, it includes local bodies, and state owners, democracies, autocracies and army run government for various countries around the world. You need to narrow down your country of choice first. Decide whether you want to write about your own country or some other nation that you find arguable and important for research. Students prefer to write about their own government and country because it is easier and relatable. They understand the functionality, major events, and political movements in their country. However, it is totally your call to decide the country you want to focus on.

When you decide the country, you then need to divide your subject into further different sectors of government like education, infrastructure, environments, minority laws, judiciary, and social issues. Look at these divisions and decide which suits you the most. Choose to write about that subject which interests you the most. Here is a list of topics for different sectors that you can see to get an idea of how the topic of your research paper should look like. It is not necessary that you agree with or like all of these research paper ideas, you can edit, alter, change or use any of them, which you think is the best

Great ideas for government research paper topics

  1. Does the government have an effective control on the prices of commodities
  2. The need of government policies and control to reduce child labor and human trafficking
  3. The steps state bodies need to take in order to eradicate poverty and unemployment
  4. Is it a wise decision from the government to remove the death penalty for criminals
  5. The situation of public hospitals and educational institutes need to improve
  6. The policies for supporting the minorities and treating all people with quality should be implemented
  7. The effect of 1996 human rights Act and its implication
  8. The water problem in less developed areas needs attention of higher authorities
  9. Should government take radical steps to remove religious and racial hatred from the country
  10. What is the advantage and drawback of Obama Care health insurance program
  11. The costs compared to the benefits of American recovery program
  12. The democratic elections and ragging
  13. Government’s role in war on terror
  14. Supporting less developed economies
  15. American funding to improve health and education sectors in Pakistan

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