A List Of Winning Research Paper Topics About 1960s

If you have research to do you may think about modern history as a good source of ideas. Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking a decade:

Your most likely sources

Many documents have been digitized and are now accessible with just the touch of a mouse. Many others have not. Depending on the decade you choose, you may need to prepare yourself to sift through dusty papers.

The time you can devote to the assignment

Many interesting things have happened since written history began to be compiled. Decide what you will focus on and if you can actually cover it in the available time.

The tastes of the readers

Food delights some and bores others. The same can be said of anything. Target your writing to catch the readers’ attention.

For the 1960s, try these:

  1. The generation that taught the hippies to fear war

  2. The sixties: A golden era in the history of popular music

  3. The rise of the teenager and other occurrences we can attribute to the ‘60’s

  4. The last generation to not fear Sexually Transmitted Illnesses

  5. Refer Madness: The use of faulty logic in a campaign that ultimately ruined millions of lives worldwide

  6. Jim Crow: The disturbingly recent story of racism and segregation in the American South

  7. Can any decade be truly compared with another considering that time is rumored to be illusory?

  8. How has the technology of today been an improvement from the predecessors that existed 50 years ago?

  9. How does the modern concept of masculinity, femininity and inter-sexuality compare with the binary concept of gender as it existed in the 1960s?

  10. Was the world truly more peaceful fifty years in the past?

It is common for people who were in their prime during a particular era to look back on it with a fondness that others do not fully understand or even wish to. They always believe that the music was more rich and meaningful, the entertainment more engaging yet wholesome. Sometimes they are even right but it should also be remembered that in those very same treasured eras, women had almost no rights and it was not uncommon for people of color to be killed for no reason by angry mobs. Time goes on, things change but it is wise to remember clearly both the good and bad of years gone by.

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