How To Choose A Proper Research Paper Abstract Format

Writing your research paper is never an easy job and it gets tougher if you haven’t got a good topic of your choice. This will help you in choosing proper one, an abstract and will provide guideline to keep in mind when drafting. Most writers emphasize on “meat” of the article and don’t give proper attention to title and abstract of the article. A good research paper is constituted of all important points. It should not miss any crux of the story and should be wrapped in such a way that information and presentation goes hand in hand.

Summary to be included:

Write your summary after the remaining paper is completed. After all, how can one summarize something that is not written elaborately? Words limitation is important in your research paper, especially in an abstract. However, use full sentences and not to sacrifice readability for brevity. Be accurate on your work, no half-done work is expected. You can keep it concise and compact so that they serve more than one purpose. Summarize, including the following elements in any abstract. Try to keep the first two items in a single sentence just to provide the gist of the research paper.


The key process elements in a research paper are:

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