Composing a Top-Quality Research Paper About Korean Food

Many college students wonder how to compose a top-quality research paper on a certain topic. When they have to write about Korean food, they often feel confused and procrastinate. However, the topic is interesting, so the writing process should be fun. The following guidelines will help you take all the necessary steps in order to prepare an outstanding assignment:

  1. Narrow down a given topic.
  2. Although you can find plenty of ideas that you can write about in your paper, it makes sense to focus your research and come up with a narrow idea. For example, don’t write about all the dishes that are traditionally consumed in Korea, but describe only soups and stews instead. Remember about the scope of the assignment and don’t try to write about everything at once.

  3. Study as many materials on a chosen topic as you can.
  4. To write a strong research paper, you should conduct a comprehensive literature study. It’s also a good idea to meet an expert on Korean cuisine and learn more about it. If you like Korean food, you can compose opinion about it based on your own experience. Otherwise, talk to your friends who like kimchi, noodles, and other traditional Korean dishes.

  5. Make an outline.
  6. It’s impossible to structure your materials and ideas without making an outline. So, you should write down a paper title, thesis statement, titles of chapters, main points, and details, including photos of different dishes and products. This helps to realize whether you have enough information to compete the assignment. Moreover, you won’t miss anything when you start writing the text.

  7. Cite while you write.
  8. Plagiarism is unacceptable in the world of academic writing. To avoid it, you should remember to cite all the sources that you use. It’s easier to place in-text citations while you’re writing. You can use built-in citing options of your text processor or install special bibliographic software that helps format in-text citations and a bibliography. If you don’t know which software to choose, you might consult your professor.

  9. Never submit the first draft.
  10. You should write your first draft quickly but never submit it until you edit and proofread the whole document. Most students take a break and then start to edit their writing. It takes time but it’s worth your effort since nobody wants to lower his or her grade because of mistakes and the wrong formatting style. Once you’ve edited your research paper, you should print it and read it one more time.

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