How To Write An Outstanding Research Paper About Facebook: Basic Tips

With Facebook being one of the most popular inventions of the 21st century, it can definitely make an interesting topic for your paper. One of the best topics that you can choose is about basic Facebook tips. After choosing the topic, you next step should be to develop it and change or hone it in the right manner. While this may seem like extra work, it is an important step for saving time. You will need to carry out background study on how Facebook works. A good question to ask yourself is: What does one need to know in order to successfully open and operate a Facebook account?

What to write about

Consider a general approach to the topic and follow this with an in-depth look into things. You can seek out scholarly articles, web pages, interviews, journals, blog posts and books on the subject. Look for articles that are written by experts in the field. One of the most important sources of information is Facebook itself. You can visit their FAQs page to find out the kind of information that people are searching for. You should not be afraid to come up with something new or to refine or modify your topic.

Find information

You can use the search engines to carry out your study. However, it is not a wise idea to go with the top 3 results. Instead you should critically investigate every source to determine its legitimacy as blogs, website and online forums are not required to publish facts only. Therefore, you must ensure that you only use trustworthy information. Generally you can trust websites that ends with .gov or .edu as these are owned by schools and government agencies and their information is usually safe.

Have a general outline

Start by writing a thesis consisting of one or two sentences at the beginning of the paper. Here you should state the goal of your paper. For instance, you can state that the goal as to help new Facebook users to get started on the social media site. You will also need to consider the formatting guideline. You may need to use MLA, APA or any other format that is recommended by your class guidelines.

Write the introduction and body paragraphs. Begin by writing the main points to support your thesis. Since this is a research paper, avoid remarks that are not supported by facts. Ensure that there is enough explanation to your questions. After providing guidelines on using Facebook, write a conclusion to summarize your findings for your readers.

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