Psychology Research Paper Topics: 27 Interesting Questions

Much of Psychology class involves asking questions. These queries can result in academic papers based on surveys, finding, expert opinions, past experiments, lab work, and case studies. We want to give you 27 innovative questions for your next paper in this subject.

27 Interesting Ideas

  1. What makes a person fall in love with another person, what triggers this emotion
  2. Who defines a personal space and does everyone have a personal space, what is this true or why is this not true
  3. What does the concept of Learned Helplessness really mean and why did a dog participate in the experiment
  4. What damage can body shaming cause to people, and will these be lifelong feelings
  5. What damage can isolation cause to a person who is subjected to it
  6. The Little Albert experiment, the process and results, what happened
  7. What makes a person bully and will a bully always become a bully
  8. The Milgram Experiment and what does it have to do with obedience
  9. What causes a person to be a serial killer and are there obvious predictors
  10. What happened in the 1950s University of Wisconsin Harlow Monkey Experiments
  11. What are the lasting symptoms of child abuse
  12. What fields can be studied in the subject
  13. What happened in the blue eyes versus brown eyed experiments and which ones were the most famous
  14. Who is Jane Elliott and what is she famous for in the field
  15. What professions can be pursued in the subject
  16. The famous Asch Conformity experiments and what happened and why
  17. Who are the experts and industry founders
  18. What does a label on a child do to the child
  19. Does the birth order of children have anything to do with possible future success of those children
  20. What makes a person fall out of love with another person
  21. Pavlov and his great experiment, what happened
  22. Freud and his various theories, what made him tick
  23. Jung, the man and the genius, what made him tick
  24. What happened in the Bystander Effect and what this has to do with Kitty Genovese
  25. What happened in the 1939 Monster Study by Wendell Johnson at the University of Iowa
  26. Why did the Stanford Prison experiment have such horrible results
  27. Who is Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University

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