Common Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Research Essay Topics for College

It is likely that you will be asked to write a research paper in almost every one of your college courses. It is a great way for your instructor to determine how well you understand the topic of study. It is one thing to answer true and false questions and match some vocabulary terms and another to write an essay. You need to articulate your ideas in an essay which takes higher understanding.

The very first thing that you have to do is decide on a topic. If you choose the right topic, then you will make the writing part a lot easier. When you are asked to write a research paper, you will have to write about a specific topic. You will draw a conclusion from your research and present it with supporting evidence in a paper format.

There are some mistakes to avoid when choosing research essay topics. These are common mistakes that lead to a lot of grief if not handled correctly.

  1. Topic that is too narrow.

    You have chosen a topic that is so specific and narrow that you are now struggling to find resources to support it. You need a topic that is broad enough that you can find enough resources to make a valid conclusion and have supporting evidence to back it up. There will also more than likely be a resource requirement that you have to meet. If you don’t have enough sources that you can use for your paper, you will have a hard time writing it.

  2. Topic that is too broad.

    You may be a little frustrated to know that you can’t have a topic that is too broad either. This is less of a problem than the last one but can still prove to be detrimental to your success. If there is too much information about your topic, than you will have a hard time coming up with a solid conclusion on the topic. The best thing to do in this case is to choose a sub topic.

  3. Non-relevant topic.

    Choosing a topic that is non-relevant to your course may also be an issue. The idea is to get a better understanding of the material and to take a closer look at an aspect of your course. If you choose a topic that is not relevant, your teacher may not accept it. That is why most teachers will have their students clear the ideas with them before they start writing.

There are the three most common mistakes that students run into when choosing a topic for their research paper.

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