Personal Development Plan - Final project

Section 1:

I have learnt that I need to control myself by balancing my work, school life and home which will help me reflect on issues that are important in life. I hope to get a better understanding of myself that will enable me reassess and discover areas of my personality that impact on my reactions to different situations. This will help me approach school, work and personal situations differently. My most important goal is to focus on my work so that I can have the motivation that I had when I newly received this job. My vision is to work according to my time table so that I can meet deadlines when it comes to school work. This plan is important since it will help me address all many issues in life.

Section 2:

I have strengths that have always helped deal with my most situations. I am a person who takes initiative and I am ready to learn new things. This has been important because I have gained new skills that are relevant in my work place. I can also multitask and handle different projects at ago enabling me do many projects that have been vital to the success of our organization. I am also a team player and flexible person. When it comes to opportunities, I face new challenges in my work place that enables me gain relevant skills. I will earn a Bachelor’s Degree at Southern New Hampshire University that shall open doors for me.

I have a weakness of taking on other people at my work that is affecting my relationship. I also haven’t completed my university education which is a hindrance to many opportunities. I have poor writing skills that make me respond to my customers in a poor way. I stay indoors most of my free time hence I feel like there is no one to listen to my personal problems. Threats features in my social life, I socialize properly but I lack a network of people who can help me advance my career. I also have colleagues who hate me at my work place and this affects me negatively.

Section 3

A Political factor may include a country’s next local election and how this could affect the government’s business policy. An opportunity exists when the government’s business policy after an election will favor the organization. A positive change will steer the business to be successful but a threat comes when the policy is against the operations of a business. This will collapse the business. There may be pending legislation and taxation changes and how they can affect an organization. An opportunity comes when the government changes taxation by lowering the amount of tax that an organization pays to the authorities. A threat comes when the government increases taxation thereby hurting the business since it has to pay more.

Economic factor features in the state of the current economy but an opportunity comes when the economy grows. However, a threat can be witnessed when the economy stagnates. Stability of key exchange rates is also a factor in that an opportunity can be seen when there are stable exchange rates. However, varying exchange rates is a threat to survival of a business. On socio-cultural factors, social attitudes and taboos major. An opportunity arises when these attitudes go in line with operations of the business. However, there is a threat when the operation goes in opposite direction with the social attitudes and taboos. On technological matters, new technology is an opportunity but threats exist when competitors get the new technology while we haven’t.

Reflection: it’s wise if an organization studies its environment and work on improving it

Final Reflection: Good implementation of my visions and goals will see me be a top performer in both my school and work. This has helped overcome obstacles that have been a hindrance to my success but with this plan in place, I am going to witness success in every part of my life.

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