20 Research Paper Writing Ideas On The Great Depression

In almost every economic class, instructors will assign research papers about the Great Depression. This moment in history continues to affect decisions that economists, financial planners, and politicians make today. Since this research paper topic has been assigned for decades, there are several different interesting topics that students can pick for the paper. Here are 20 ideas:

  1. How the New Deal affected the Great Depression
  2. How baseball affected the Great Depression
  3. How baseball affected college students
  4. How did the Great Depression affect the children of the men who lost their jobs
  5. How the Great Depression affected the grocery store industry
  6. How does the Great Depression continue to affect decisions made about investing in new industry
  7. How did the Great Depression affect banking insurance
  8. The Great Depression and Expansion into the West
  9. The Great Depression and literature
  10. Who made money during the Great Depression? How did they do it?
  11. What did the Stock Market do to rebound from the Great Depression?
  12. What happened on Black Tuesday?
  13. How was the Great Recession different from the Great Depression?
  14. How did the Great Depression affect different parts of the country?
  15. How was the farming economy affected by the Great Depression?
  16. How did World War II help relieve the troubles caused by the Great Depression?
  17. How did World War I contribute to the problems that caused the Great Depression?
  18. How did the Great Migration affect the Great Depression?
  19. What causes economists today to fear that the Great Depression will happen again?
  20. How did the Great Depression affect the way that the American public voted?

There are so many factors that went into the Great Depression. These factors could each be used as a topic for a lengthy research paper. It is important to find a topic that is interesting to you, so you can craft a quality paper with outstanding support for a fantastic these statement.

If these topics are not interesting to you, then you can use them as an inspiration for a topic that you do find useful. For example, you could create a topic that is about a specific piece of literature set during the Great Depression, or you could write about how Black Tuesday affected a particular group of people. Some of the best topics are the ones that have not been written about yet. It would be interesting to create a topic that connects to something happening today to show that the Great Depression is still affecting our lives today.

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