Practical Advice On How To Format An Academic Research Paper

To write a good academic research paper you need a lot of time and effort. Of course, it will take only a few days to write something mediocre, but you want much more than this. Many students neglect the general image of the composition, thinking that the only thing that matters is the content. This is completely wrong; even more, it can compromise all your hard work. Here is how to format your text and make it look professional:

  • Use a classic font. I know that there are many fonts that look nice and friendly, but you are not allowed to use them for your academic composition. You have to look professional and committed, and you will get this by using an appropriate font. Of course, the color of the letters must be black (with some small exceptions).
  • Choose the appropriate size for the letters. If you have to write a very long text, you might be tempted to use big letters so you can make the text seem longer than it actually is. The problem is that your professor will notice this and he will think that you are trying to cheat him; obviously he will not be very happy about this.
  • Create a title page. This small detail can make the difference between a good composition and a bad one. You can create a title page only if your professor agrees; make sure to ask him before writing anything. You will write on a separate page the title, your name, the name of the course you are attending and the date. Of course, you will use the same font and color.
  • Arrange the pictures. There‚Äôs nothing worst than seeing a composition where the pictures are not properly arranged. You have to make sure that they fit perfectly on the page and they do not disturb the content itself. Also, mention the source of the pictures.
  • Create a references page. Sometimes you have to introduce a lot of quotes and references in your composition. Organize them on a separate page and add this paper at the end of your text. It will look extremely professional.
  • Leave spaces between paragraphs. The text needs to be easy to read, and you can achieve this by leaving the proper space between paragraphs. You will also have to leave space at the edge of the paper.