10 Good History Topics for College Term Papers

Finding a great topic for a history paper is challenging but not with all the help online today. There are several resources at your disposal in any history course including your instructor, who will have a plethora of ideas for you. Searching online by the period of history that you are discussing is also a great idea.

I’m going to tell you how to find great topics for a history term paper, no matter what period of history you are studying.

Your Textbook

Your textbook holds all kinds of clues to the kind of subject you should discuss at more length in a term paper length study. Every chapter in a textbook has little numbers next to key concepts that are tied to an index in the back. In these indexes, you’ll find recommended books and journals, which discuss important issues at more length. You could begin looking at the titles of these discussions for ideas to discuss and how to approach them. Then, use whatever ideas you get by perusing the sources discussed in your textbook (since that’s where the writer of the textbook you are reading got their ideas from) and then search online for discussions of these topics.

Your Instructor

What college instructors like to see is that you are doing your own homework and striving to come up with your own ideas, as opposed to putting the bulk of the work for coming up with an idea upon them. So do some background work on ideas for this term paper, and only then, approach your teacher for guidance on which ones they might try to write a term paper about. They will see how hard you’ve worked to find a topic and suggest which ones might be most “do-able” in that length of essay.

Ten Good Topics for History Papers

  1. Global Warming: What Have We Done?
  2. Global Warming: What Can We Do About it?
  3. What Mattered in the Victorian Era?
  4. The Cold War and US History
  5. Drones and Recent War
  6. The US and Afghanistan Today
  7. How Real is the Threat of World War Three Today?
  8. Einstein’s Theory of World War Four—Will be Fought with Sticks and Stones
  9. The Korean Conflict and the US
  10. The Bay of Pigs Incident and US History


Google searches are a great way to come up with ideas and research the ideas you come up with. First, look through the chapters you have been discussing so far. What periods in history have you been discussing? The Civil War in America? Modern American History? Recent U.S. history? The Vietnam War? Once you know the name of the period you’ve been discussing, you can search for “term paper ideas for Civil War essays” or “Research paper topics on the Vietnam War.”

Make it Narrow

What you want to do is find a very narrow topic to discuss because you have a limited page length in which to discuss these very lengthy concepts.

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