Vital Advice On Writing A Research Paper About Korean Pop Music

If you decide to write about Korean pop music in your research paper, there should be some reasons. Perhaps, you are one of the fans of the famous “Gangnam style” and want to learn more about Psy. Or, you are intrigued by the phenomenon of K-pop music and want to crack the puzzle of its popularity. It may happen though that this was your teacher who assigned you the topic, and you are not quite sure how to approach the task and what aim to pursue. Whatever your reasons are, don’t worry. If you plan and organize your research writing process according to the following advice, it won’t be difficult to do the task well and fast.

  • Pick a topic.
  • If you are not sure what narrow topic to choose, learn more about Korean pop music. For example, you may dig deeper in the history of K-pop and look for the origins of this genre or explore how it was influenced by foreign cultures. You may be inspired to look for the reasons of popularity of Korean music in a particular country, or do research on how this genre is perceived in certain age groups or specific subcultures. When generating your topic, remember that it should be both narrow and manageable. Ask your teacher for advice on how to formulate your topic well.

  • Locate and evaluate the sources.
  • Your research paper is a serious project and it should be based on credible sources. Start with the broad overview of the subject. General textbooks about music and corresponding journal articles will provide you with useful bibliographies that may be helpful in locating relevant materials. Your teacher will help you assess how credible your sources are.

  • Take notes.
  • Remember to copy or write down all important data on your topic.

  • Create an outline.
  • Organize your notes and decide which ideas should be developed first. Decide what logical steps should be taken to support your position.

  • Write your research paper.
  • Your work should have a standard structure. State your thesis in an introduction, prove it in the main body, and summarize your ideas in a conclusion. Support your arguments with corresponding quotes. However, don’t rely too much on other sources. Remember that you should share your personal insight on the topic.

  • Review your work.
  • Read your paper aloud to see if it is fluent and logical. Check if you provided enough sound examples in the researched area of Korean pop music. Are you satisfied with your final version? If yes, your teacher is likely to be satisfied as well.