An Academic Manual That Will Help You Choose Strong Biology IB Extended Essay Topics


ou have probably not tackled an essay of this size before. Extended essays for IB are traditionally 4,000 words and the most you may have previously written is 3,000. This is going to be an epic piece of work but if you follow the instructions you should be able to find a strong topic for your extended essay

Step by step

  1. Focus on the reasoning of being asked to complete an extended essay. Basically it is to encourage you to explore, to test and prove a biological theory.
  2. Carefully read the instructions and guidelines you have been given. This is really important because there is nothing worse that getting half way through the work only to find you are not on the right path. Keep the guidelines close to you throughout the process, because you will need to refer to them at every step of the way.
  3. Everyone will say that finding the perfect extended topic is going to be difficult. Don’t let this put you off. Its not easy to find a strong topic but it is also not impossible.
  4. Define a strong topic. A strong topic will have some good background research that you can draw on and it will also not be on the prohibited list in the guidelines. This may not be the most useful piece of information but it does help you focus on what is not a good topic.
  5. Going back to your guidelines. You will see that the guidelines are quite strict especially concerning topics, ethics and experimentation. You will soon realize that you are not to do any form of experimentation to support your topic or theory. These guidelines also rule out topics that are based on disease or animal behavior. Basically, human and animal rights are complex. There may be some topics in the area of disease or animal behavior that you may tackle but it could be complicated and writing a 4,000 word essay is difficult enough without having to change your topic half way through.
  6. Plants and green topics may be the best way forward, especially as they are contemporary and topical, so there will be a considerable amount of background research to support your essay. This may not be what you first thought of for your extended essay.
  7. Stick to an option that interests you, has enough background research to sustain your extended essay and meets all the criteria cited in the guidelines.

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