Watch Out! 10 Boring Topics for Argumentative Research Papers

Argumentative research papers have been a staple in the world of education. Teachers assign these because they want to see their students be able to defend an opinion in writing. English teachers assign this type of research paper because they want to see their students craft a thesis and defend it using the MLA style. While English teachers always hope for outstanding work from their students, they are often disappointed because their students usually pick one of the ten most boring topics.

  1. Abortion: This topic has been a tired choice for many years. People form opinions about abortion and they are often deaf to the other side. Students should never write about this topic. Never. Ever.
  2. Legalizing marijuana: This topic used to be one of the biggest hits because marijuana was not legal in any states. Now it is legal, so the argument for it is no longer necessary. Students could write about making it illegal, but since it was just made legal, it is highly unlikely that anyone will listen.
  3. Gay marriage: The reason this is tired is the same as marijuana. Nearly every state recognizes gay marriage and the ones that do not, probably will quite soon. Like legalizing marijuana, there is no reason to argue against it, unless you want to seem like a total jerk.
  4. English as the Legal Language: This is another one that has been beaten to death. People come to the United States and they speak other languages. It will not change if English is made the legal language.
  5. Video game violence: Video games have become an important part of our society today. They are not going away, even if they are ultraviolent. There are ratings and parents can make their own decisions about what their children play.
  6. Dress codes in school: What can you say about this that has not already been said? The dress codes are what they are. The only way to make this new is to discuss the differences between male and female dress codes and how they perpetuate sexual stereotypes.
  7. Drinking age: You might think that teens should be able to drink, but no adult will agree with you. You will simply be wasting your time writing about this topic.
  8. Corporal punishment in schools: It no longer exists and with the troubles schools are facing today, no school would be willing to implement it.
  9. Affirmative action: We all need help. That’s it.
  10. Death penalty. No new information could be shared. Everything has already been said on both sides of the issue.

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