Getting Promising Argumentative Research Paper Topics for College Students

It is important to understand that the choice of topic for your argumentative research paper is vitally important. This applies to any argumentative essay and doubly so for college students. You must be able to demonstrate in the writing of your research paper that you have conducted relevant and widespread research. You need to be able to mount an argument in favour of the case and to do so by substantiating your point of view with concrete evidence.

The choice of topic determines how well you would write your research paper. If it is a deep and meaningful topic you will be able to discuss your points of view in depth and in great detail. The opposite is sadly also true. So spend time considering just how promising a range of argumentative research paper topics really are. You can always add the usual criteria of such things as follows.

By answering each of the above questions you can help point yourself in the direction of what will surely be a promising argumentative research by the topic. Another helpful guide is to discuss your proposed topics with your teacher or professor. They will know what makes a topic promising. You are far better off pondering the right topic rather than grabbing the first idea and running with it.

Following are some suggestions. You'll note that they all have the ability to divide public opinion, have serious depth and are topics which are relatively easy to research.

  1. The internet must be subject to some forms of censorship.
  2. Medical experiments on people who are about to die could mean new life-saving drugs can be discovered.
  3. Literature with explicit sex and violence scenes should be banned from high schools.
  4. Governments should make assisted suicide legal under certain circumstances.
  5. Gay couples should be allowed to legally adopt a child or children.
  6. Protesting at funerals should be made a crime.
  7. The driving age should be raised at the youth end and lowered at the seniors’ end.
  8. Marijuana should be made legal for medicinal purposes.
  9. Genetically modified food should be banned.
  10. The idea of human cloning should be debated by public authorities.

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