10 Great Writing Ideas for Term Papers on Free Will

If you have to write a term paper on free will, make sure to check on the internet as there are great sites and resources that you can utilize to help you get started. Make sure to check out:


  • One option is to Google and check out Friedrich Nietsche‚Äôs views based on what he thought was allowed. He saw our choices in life versus our lack of choices and whether or not we are strong or weak.
  • Another great resource, is to Google the general topic and you may find a few articles that come up from the New York Times that may suggest whether or not we are actually intuitively working on our own or if we are being led by others.
  • You may find articles that focus on society and how it depends on the environment that we grew up in as this may be another resource for you, and you can tie in nature versus nurture.
  • Also, consider the topic of looking at it in relation to the Biblical sense of what God wanted for us versus what we as man wants and deem necessary for ourselves.
  • Another area you can tap into is by Scientific American, which has a few articles devoted to man's perspective of what is perceived as our actions versus what we think we're being led you do.
  • You can also focus on various articles that people have posted online through blogs. As these are their versions of free will, this may help you to assess better what someone in modern times may regard as their own rights and way of living as based on their own perspectives and opinions.
  • Next, be sure to check out Peter Kreeft who has a website and blog that's set up to predestination and what God's will is for us as it relates to denying the flesh.
  • You could also factor in how it relates to slavery versus modern times. As slaves were not given the option of having their own opinions, thoughts or work processes.
  • Another area that you might consider addressing is how it relates to the parent-child relationship. Some parents are strict, and some children are forced to grow up in cultures that may be very strict. How does a Japanese or Indian parent differ in raising their children to adhere to their wishes versus someone in a poor or urban environment?
  • Lastly, consider the topic as it relates to animals. Ask the question: Do animals have their own wants and needs? For example, maybe you might say that whales, elephants, and other animals that are being showcased as stage animals. And not being given their own rights but have their wills broken to ensure they adhere to what people want to see them too - perform.

No matter which topic you choose, you will undoubtedly come up with an excellent paper, and you may tie in a correlation or two between the various works.