Choosing A Powerful Topic For A Research Paper On Cultural Studies

What do cultural studies include?

It is a very interesting subject, very suited for research work. It studies all the effects that local culture has on the lifestyle of the society. It studies how life is dependent on social norms, and social norms are in turn dependent on culture. It sounds complicated, but it is simply a research of what happens around you and what effect culture has had on it. There are many diverse topics that you can work on.

Different topics for research on cultural studies

There is a wide array of topics that you can work on when you are into cultural studies. Some of them are very recent and trending, others are omnipresent. You might want to take a look at some of the ideas like

  • The effect of tattoos in modern lifestyle – you can do a research on how tattoos were taboo some time ago and now they are common in people of all ages.

  • The effect of eating habits and perspective of fitness – you can also write on how having a ripped up figure is becoming important and compromising a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  • How homosexuality is seen in the culture – the inclusion of homosexuals in the society and the normalcy with which this is done.

  • Violence and how the meaning of the word differs in different cultures – what is regarded as violent in some cultures might be just a part of the day to day life in other cultures.

  • Pride and prejudice – how these feelings are affected by your culture.

  • The effect of culture on art – art of all forms, shapes and sizes has been affected by culture. Your research can be focused on that.

  • Graffiti – It is the most culturally influenced form of art. It directly reflects what the society feels as an effect of the culture.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a topic

It is not easy to choose a topic when there are so many options. There are a few guidelines that you can follow to make a better decision. After all this is your research paper and you need to be serious about it. You need to choose an interesting topic, and one which has an impact on the readers mind. Also, as it is a research paper, you need to do some original work. Most importantly, you need to choose a topic in which you have confidence and knowledge.