How to Write a Medical Research Paper: Format Standards

Just like you would approach writing a research paper in any other subject, you want to first make sure your medical research paper uses lots of academic and reliable sources, is written in organized and clear style and has an argument that is supported with great evidence. Really the only major difference with a medical research paper is the need to cite your sources using AMA format style (American Medical Association). Here are the standards for formatting a medical research paper correctly:

  • Carefully choose your topic: Even if you already have some idea about what you want to write about, be sure you narrow down your topic as far as possible, where you still have enough content to research and the topic isn’t too broad that you can’t completely finish your research.
  • Figure out the type of research paper you need to write: Medical research paper assignments will vary in scope: there are synthesis papers and quantitative studies papers. Check with your professor before starting your research since your work will be dictated by what you are trying to achieve.
  • Read the appropriate books, articles, and websites: It’s important that you find all reliable sources. Your paper will assume credibility if you reference sources that come from scholarly or academic collections. Keep track of your resources and be sure you take down full citation notes.
  • Make your research paper outline: It’s always a good idea to organize your argument in a way that makes sense to you and will make sense to your reader. It’ should be easy to follow so make sure one argument logically fits in before and after other arguments. It’s easier to rearrange an outline than it is a written draft.
  • Know your standard formatting rules: Confirm the required length of your paper with your professor. Generally, you should expect it to be around 10-20 pages, using a standard font size and type and double spaced.
  • Write your paper draft: Start with your cover page using AMA style rules. Write your abstract and be sure it accurately summarizes your paper, since your abstract will be the main focal point that scholars refer to when they consider to use your work or not.
  • Accurately cite your sources: If you are planning on pursuing a career in medicine or medical research it’s a good idea to invest in an AMA style guide. Follow all citation rules exactly and if you are unsure about a citation seek some assistance from a reference librarian or an online source.
  • Proofread and edit your paper: It’s very important to proofread and edit for all tiny grammatical errors, spelling errors and punctuation errors which can sneak in when you write your first drafts and can greatly affect the grade you get on your paper.