7 Brilliant Topics for Economic Research Papers

Everyone exists within an economy. The people in the most sophisticated economy as well as tribes that operate with stone age technology to this day all have an economy. This means that students of economics are studying a field that everyone is impacted by in ways that are obvious because the flow of money even decides who feasts or starves. In your search for a topic that impressive or even amazes, consider these things:

  • What developments are currently unfolding?

    The economies of the world are constantly changing. New laws are being written, old laws are being broken and the rules that allowed giants to rise are no longer relevant so many wait in horror for the inevitable fall. Look at this with a critical lens. How can you make a topic from it?

  • What seems like it will happen next?

    Sometimes it’s easy to see how one thing leads to another. Other times you may need to analyze past events to figure out what the most likely outcome will be. If you are very observant, you look at history and your memory is good you may witness events repeating themselves and be able to do groundbreaking research that people later think was prophetic.

  • Who’s winning and who’s losing?

    Much of economics looks like a power struggle. People with power want to retain it, those without it want to taste it. Ask yourself who is benefiting in any given situation and decide whose perspective you want to take in your writing. This is not to say that you will be biased but if your work is going to have a direction, these questions are important.

The following are some topics that bear the above tips in mind:

  • How can Small Island Developing States step out from the shadows of Colonial and Neo Colonial Giants
  • Will entrepreneurship lead to an economic rebound worldwide
  • Are despotic leaders bringing on a deeper worldwide recession
  • Should the United Nations follow Bolivia’s example and give the planet legal status?
  • What are the economic ramifications of insect protein becoming widely used?
  • Can the capitalist system survive without the use of child and slave labor?
  • What is the economic case for wage equality for all genders?

The types of topics that appeal to you will vary depending on your own life experience. Feel free to tailor them to suit your needs.